Jaylen Bledsoe


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With the floating of @Spotify set to be worth billions - have you embraced the music streaming revolution? Or are you still using an iPod, CDs or vinyl? #BBCBizLive http://bbc.in/2E45yC6with the dog’s face was a bad idea it keeps looking at me like ‘father why did you make me this way I am in pain’pic.twitter.com/YCnPT8DprDThis is Wilson. He was born with a blurry tail. Doesn’t let that hold him back tho. Still a prosperous puppo. 13/10 I love you Wilsonpic.twitter.com/s7fvbAVPDwFair to say i enjoyed that! I told you on this team we fight till the end. Important we didn't give up and got the point. Thanks to all of the fans tonight, one of the best atmospheres I've experienced at the Emirates! pic.twitter.com/ZaoewVj11eScientists still don't know how fast the Universe is expanding http://on.forbes.com/6012DJOfg pic.twitter.com/lFbaJgowerMy vid today (Criticizing Logan Paul) has been completely knock out of the sub boxes, recommend & some search results , because it was falsely taken down by YouTube not once but Twice! But REUPLOADS of Logan Paul’s Suicide Forrest are on the trending page across the world!pic.twitter.com/w8kNG4snmv“Evangelical” used to denote people who claimed the high moral ground; now, in popular usage, the word is nearly synonymous with “hypocrite”: http://nyer.cm/ZqU25ry pic.twitter.com/B8nCMU2ebJA fed-up passenger on a Ryanair flight used the emergency exit to jump onto the plane's wing after landing. Police have opened a complaint against the man for breaching security. http://abcn.ws/2qfNkLG pic.twitter.com/6gY0QLZB6aEven the refs couldn't believe this Manu pass went in the hoop pic.twitter.com/YGM1sSCeULI woke up to discover I was part of a government conspiracy called #DeepState. Here’s what I have to say about it.pic.twitter.com/YbyrUgxA4TStart your 2018 with Big Bronx Boogie Herself @iamcardib and I Midnight Tonight EST #Finessepic.twitter.com/eFEXl3vb2ZDo you see the rotate into view in this @NASASun Observatory video? This question mark shaped feature is an elongated coronal hole on the Sun in December, which are areas of open magnetic field that appear darker in extreme ultraviolet light: http://go.nasa.gov/2Cwnzfh pic.twitter.com/tR8QbD4dj2A long-awaited return to #205Live calls for a celebratory DAB! Right, @megatjp? #205Livepic.twitter.com/ZsELsqMLfMmaybe being uncool is cool ?pic.twitter.com/NL2Tz1DT5gIceland just became the first country in the world to make it illegal to pay men more than women. In the United States in 2016, black women made 62.5 cents on the dollar compared to white men and hispanic women made 54.4 cents. That is a disgrace.pic.twitter.com/y2sxSWYVrmYeahhhhh, I would fight for you I’d lie for you Walk the wire for you, yeahhhhhhhhh, I'd die. for. youuuuuUUUUUUUUUUpic.twitter.com/Nyc5E7U48HCongrats to @ScottWongDC for this scoop at The Hill. https://goo.gl/Se4q8c  Worth nothing we have just hit deadline by which Congressman Nunes told DOJ/FBI to hand over a lot of sensitive info on the investigation:pic.twitter.com/XmUInEbaPXWe did this #ForYou! Had so much fun in the studio with @RitaOra. Our new single from the #FiftyShadesFreed soundtrack drops this Friday January 5.pic.twitter.com/rT9K44F9gpIt is with a heavy heart we share that Strand’s owner, Fred Bass, passed away early this morning at home surrounded by loved ones at the age of 89. We thank Fred for his passion and dedication, and our thoughts are with the Bass family. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/03/obituaries/fred-bass-strand-bookstore-dies-at-89.html …pic.twitter.com/w0U3AS1t9ADear @YouTube, when are you going to get rid of the trash? It's been sitting on the curb for a while now.pic.twitter.com/TAwghImqFvThe game-winner! Steph Curry called game as the @warriors beat the @dallasmavs 125-122 in the final seconds! Curry: 32 PTS, 8 AST, 5 REB, 6 3PM Durant: 25 PTS KD: 25 PTS, 11 REB, 6 AST Draymond: 18 PTS, 10 REB, 6 AST #DubNationpic.twitter.com/BYVyCfGJ7r
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Di usianya yang masih 17 tahun, anak muda ini sudah menjadi seorang motivational speaker profesional. Tidak hanya ganteng, Jaylen merupakan anak cerdas yang memiliki tingkat kepercayaan diri yang sangat tinggi. Ia juga sering membawakan materi mengenai pengembangan brand, ekonomi digital, hingga topik bisnis dan kewirausahaan. Itulah sebabnya Jaylen layak mendapatkan preditan the Most Handsome Kids di dunia.

Chandler Canterbury


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Predikat anak terganteng di dunia selanjutnya jatuh pada Chandler Canterbury. Di usianya yang masih sangat muda, ia sudah dapat tampil dalam sebuah film berjudul “Criminal Minds”. Tidak hanya itu, aktingnya juga sangat mempesona dalam film Powder Blue, A Bag of Hammers, dan lain lain. Anak laki-laki kelahiran 15 December 1998 ini juga memiliki wajah yang sangat tampan. Kulit bersih cerah dengan mata birunya membuat siapapun perempuan yang melihat pasti jatuh hati.

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Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle


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Selanjutnya, Daniel, bocah anak berusia 10 tahun ini juga mendapatkan predikat anak dengan wajah paling ganteng di dunia. Bagaimana tidak, tampilan menarik dengan wajah imut menggemaskan yang ditambah senyum manisnya pasti membuat siapapun terpesona. Di usianya yang masih sangat dini, ia sudah mendapatkan banyak tawaran untuk menjadi model dan artis. Keren, ya!

Flipp Parhomenko


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Selanjutnya, Flipp Parhomenko yang merupakan seorang aktor cilik dengan wajah imut menggemaskan ini juga mendapatkan predikat sebagai anak laki-laki terganteng di dunia. Wajah bersih dan menggemaskan ini membuat Flipp terlihat semakin charming dan menarik. Ia kini sudah beberapa kali membintangi film dan menjadi model untuk berbagai brand Internasional. 

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Nick D’aloisio


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Terakhir, anak laki-laki yang lahir di negeri Paman Sam ini merupakan anak terganteng yang juga memiliki prestasi mengagumkan. Tidak hanya fisik yang menarik, Nick juga merupakan seorang young internet entrepreneur. Ia menciptakan “Summly yang pada akhirnya dibeli oleh Yahoo. Di usianya yang masih sangat muda, Nick mendapatkan penghargaan sebagai “Innovative of the year” atas bakat dan kecerdasannya dalam menciptakan karya.